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Requests : Song / Tunes Or Music Theory Topics to be covered / clarified upon

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This collection of websites is no longer maintained. I have moved on because of job pressure. Requests cannot be taken any longer. The sites will continue to be online, but are very unlikely to be ever updated. Thank you for everything.

To request a song or tune, or to request a post or a clarification on a particular music theory topic, you can do any one of these:
1. Send me an email with the details to sarindam7 [at] Preferred method / only method if you wish to send me link to a song (only on YouTube). Do not post any links in the comments - they will not be published.

2. Post in the comments section of this page (only) below.

3. Post on the IGCN Facebook page.

Regarding music theory requests:
If you have any doubts, I'll be glad to help. Feel free to ask away any doubts you have regarding stuff on these sites or stuff in general. :)

Regarding song requests:
UPDATE: I have stopped taking song requests. I do not have the time any more. Sorry.
Response may take quite a bit of time. It's a one-man-army at work (after "work").

Just email the lyrics or question and a link to the song to: sarindam7 [at]

All requested songs can not be put on this site as it may not be very helpful due to over-emphasis on instruments other than a guitar. There's no of point having a drum or violin based song on a guitar site. The person requesting a song will be sent the chords directly via e-mail, in that case whenever possible. Songs that sound good on a plain guitar with good chord variation and less focus on percussion or are all time greats will be given preference in the spirit of learning this instrument.

New Releases: I tend not to post songs before they turn at least six months to a year old (often much much longer). This is to give the copyrights holder ample time to release original notations if they so desire. This ensures that this site never competes with music sales, in any way. If the "original" notations are available in the market, that song will not be posted till the song comes into public domain. This is, in no way, a legally defined time limit. I just use this as a rule of thumb.

Again, posting stuff soon after release deprives budding guitarists of the sort of figuring-out-for-themselves practice that is so crucial for their musical development. I would request (with all due humility) to try and figure things out for yourself first and then try and look for new song notations. This site focuses much more on actual learning, than spoon-feeding. Learn chords of older songs first and get a hang of things. These new songs would be the sort of stuff that would make you want to learn how to figure out songs - sort of a self administered carrot on stick approach that works wonders.

Riffs / Solos: I find it extremely difficult to tab solos / riffs in general - faster the worse; hence I avoid posting these. I tab some simple (slow) solos in certain songs, but that is rare. Requests regarding most solos can, regrettably, not be met, simply because tabbing them is beyond my capabilities.

Time to reply:
I try and respond to simple queries as soon as I can. But when I say I will post / tab your song it generally takes me weeks, if not a few months to get back to you. This is a spare time hobby for me. Hope you do not misunderstand. Again, being a full-time student, I have my fair share of exams that tend to crowd my winter schedule (October-January mostly) and I would not be able to post anything during those months.:)

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Requests : Song / Tunes Or Music Theory Topics to be covered / clarified upon

Comments: 3 comment(s)...have your say!


pls provide chords for "rajkonnya" by calcutta blues...

polu cullansaid...

Please dada mishwar rawhasyor balir sohor ganta post koro.please.

Shibul Deysaid...

anyone can say the basic chords and strumming pattern of the Bengali song: Amar berongin e jibon .. by manomoy

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