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General Information and Updates (News)

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General Information and Updates:

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This collection of websites is no longer maintained. I have moved on because of job pressure. Requests cannot be taken any longer. The sites will continue to be online, but are very unlikely to be ever updated. Thank you for everything.


(1) January 1st 2013 : Happy New Year 2013!

(2) January 5st 2013 : Removed the bulky background image to achieve faster loading times, more so on mobiles and tablets.

(3) 10 October 2013 : Being in the middle of the most crucial time for my career, I have had to frequently keep myself away from blogging for long intervals. The number of song requests has been steadily growing. But I will not be able to tend to any of them till my career is a little secure (I get into a post-graduation course). Sorry for long delays. BUT I monitor the pages almost daily and will try to squeeze in a few posts if time permits. My PG entrance exams would span most of winter. I'll try to get back to the requests as soon as I can - maybe by mid-January 2014. I know you'd understand and a sincere thank-you for that.

(4) 20 December 2013 : Did everything practicable to make the mobile versions of these websites as user-friendly and fast as possible. The sites should load smoothly on most mobiles. The addresses / URLs are the same as desktop ones (as they have always been).


(1) January 1st 2012 : Happy New Year 2012!

(2) January 31st 2012 : Blogger / Blogspot has unilaterally decided to move all its blogs / websites to country specific top level domains based on the country of origin, possibly to comply with government censorship orders (if and when they come). All my blogs have, therefore, been moved from "" to "" although my content isn't exactly country specific. Never the less, the situation is beyond my control and all I can do is communicate this change to you.

Thankfully, the .com urls automatically redirect to the .in ones. So, all your links and bookmarks would continue to work. As I prefer the .com over the .in, I would not change my graphics to reflect the change. Thankyou.


(1) January 1st 2011 : Happy New Year 2011!

(2) September 15th 2011 : Seasons Greetings!

(3) December 7th 2011 : Seasons Greetings! @ everyone : New posts expected after my exams that will end in the 3rd week of Jan. Then hope to post like mad. Thanks for patience. :)

(4) December 15th 2011 : Seasons Greetings! Fifteen days to go till 2012. Lots more coming up on IGCN, if the world doesn't end!

(5) December 20th 2011 : Hope you like the redesign. I'm done with the green, I guess :) The site is now a bit on the heavier side but looks (if i may say so myself) pretty good. Added the Facebook like widget below. Sadly, the HTML no longer validates as well.

(6) December 31st 2011 : Today we bid adieu to 2011. It has been a very good year for this blog thanks to the enormous support from you all, the users. Let me express to you all, my heartfelt gratitude, for all you've made possible. Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new year! Here's looking forward to a great 2012!


(1) Happy New Year 2010!

(2) Added lighter social networking links. Hope they are useful. (4/1/10)

(3) Next post on Monday (hopefully) - Jan 14th

(4) Finally...finished completing (adding missing strum and tabs) all the posts on BC - Jan 25th

(5) A fellow site owner has registered the site "," by mistake, and  I am not the owner of it. If you visit this web address, you will be referred to a completely different site. The matter is being resolved. My site is "" and NOT DesiChords.Com. Pleas bookmark the real site... - Mar 4/5

(6) Thank you for all your advise and help in the DesiChords.Com matter. Discussions in the matter are over but that site will take some time to go away. Lets all just move on and get back to what we were doing... Thanks again - Mar 5th

(7)The DesiChords.Com nonsense is over. Site is now parked. Glad that's over. Thanks and regards to the other blogger. - Mar 6th

(8) Had to remove the "iconic" floating DC floral corner image. I didn't realize till now, how obtrusive it was on other browsers and OSs. Well, the site's the same, not to mention. Plus, you can now zoom away and that pesky image won't come in the way. Apologies for the inconvenience so far. - Mar 12th

(9) Pardon the unannounced absence. Had a few urgent fixes to make. All done and site back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Mar 30

(10) A thorough rechecking and reformatting is in progress to improve the site's navigation and rectify several code and data errors that were found...
Songs that have been checked and cleared will be marked by a - June 4

(11) At the pace this is going, fresh posts may take a few weeks to come up. Will try to post new songs, though. Once DC is cleared, BC will be taken up. Once again, sorry for the frequent layout changes. I have a huge number of songs lined up for BC, which has not been updated in months. hope to get to it by July. Thanks - June 6

(11) Added a "Link" to the post being read at the bottom of each for the benefit of those who wish to share using services other than those listed. Rearranged the page a bit; hope it tidies up the whole thing. One more thing - the "Guide" will not be useful for checked posts and a new guide will be written up as soon as checking is complete (though the new links are quite self-explanatory). - June 21

(12) Jazzed p the blog a little. Hope you like the new appearance. New posts coming up soon, both Bengali and Hindi and may be even a few new theory topics. Happy learning. - June 27

(13) Just finished with fixing DesiChords songs - all 480 pages of it that there are till now. Hitting BanglaChords next. New posts coming up very very shortly. Sorry to keep (the ones interested amongst) you all waiting. Issues with BasicMusicTheory will take some time to fix. - July 16

(14) Just finished overhauling DC, BC.
  • All songs posted have been checked for scale errors. Correcting every single one to the original scale in both the text and pdf version is quite impossible now. Hence, all songs now have an "Original Scale" statement in case they were not in their original scale. Please transpose and play. The sequences for ALL are more or less accurate - as I found them.
  • The navigation has been fixed / improved (IMHO), broken links fixed
  • Email subscription (via feedburner) enabled
  • Tweaked the site to speed it up as far as practicable.
  • Added a compendium of the comments
  • Updated (tweaked) the template CSS - really liking the results!
  • Fixed over 800-900 pages in all, hence it took over a month in all
  • New posts coming up for all ASAP!
  • Thank you for bearing with me........
  • :  - )  ............ July 20

(15)  Started elaborating my music theory (BMT) index page. Hope to finish in a day or two. Hope that's enough to clean up the excess crazy code from MsWord that got incorporated into my pages when I copy-pasted the chapters from my e-book (written in word). Those pages are slow and quirky compared to newer posts pages... Aug 05
    (16)  Finished with the E book index for now. Think its a lot more informative now. Hope you like it. Lots more code corrections in stored for BMT though. Mammoth piece f advice to any blogger - never use MsWord to pre-write your material and copy paste into your blog. Took me 3 days to clean up 30% of the messy MsWord "helper" code... Aug 08

    (17) Updated the CSS a bit. Should notice differences. Made the site wider by about 10% so that fewer things have to fall off the screen / line and this should also help you save printer paper making the page less lengthy, if you choose to print. ... Aug 12

    (18) Another site redesign. Hope you like it - like you had a choice ;) ... Dec 1

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    General Information and Updates (News)

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