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IndianGuitarChords Copyrights Notice

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(i) All texts and images owned by this particular site ( are hereby released to the public domain under "free documentation license" (attribution to this site required) to the extent of use outside the internet for non-commercial purposes. Derivatives allowed, but to be covered by the same clauses.

"No copy-paste to, or use in any form onto" other internet sites (except for fair use practices) allowed.
(Do not use on the net, Do not print to sell, Do not republish under any circumstances). It has to do with me trying to stop dissemination of these materials in case future copyrights laws (being drafted in India now) mandate that teaching copyrighted music be curbed. Its not that I am trying to hoard things that aren't mine. I am no legal expert and these are never my songs. This statement is further necessitated due to an overflow of scarper sites, of whom, this site too has been a victim.

(ii) The intellectual property rights of all original artists and technicians, producers and distributes, brand names, trade names, trade marks, etc used for descriptive purposes in this text belong to their respective owners and any required copyright clearance about these must be obtained from the owners by the interested party. The borrowed / embedded (ad and link) text, pictures, links and videos and links are also covered according to the policies of the hosting sites.

If and when the "original" chords and/or tabs to a song(s) are available (or are soon to be available) for purchase, I shall gladly remove that particular piece, as soon as it comes to my notice (or if notified), so that this site does not hinder sales. I avoid posting new songs for the same reason. I prefer to wait a few months to see if the copyrights holders do come out with a notation book (which would be nice).

(iii) I restrict any file created by me from being used in any other site without permission, exerting full copy rights on the DTP work (method and language of presentation). So please do not collect and make distributable files, but collect for personal / educational use.

(iv)Basically, be free to print, photocopy / fax and distribute my personal content (explanations, comments, etc and not the lyrics, chords and tabs) from this website in hard paper form, but not in the electronic form, for all mentioned purposes only. Use the best advise / judgment you have when it comes to the lyrics, chords and tabs. I post as I understand this use to be a "fair use."

(v) As this is the umbrella site for all the other "related sites," it is clarified that each of these subordinate sites have their separate copyrights notices and that most of this notice (as obvious) applies to this particular site only and not the network as whole unless expressly indicated. The links to those notices are provided below:
(vi) The notices linked above hold true for their respective sites only and not the network as a whole. All terms and conditions provided throughout the network are subject to change without prior notice.

(vii) Points that also need elucidation are available below:

(viii) Contacting the author: Send an e-mail to

(ix) The pages of the "download section" (ChordPDF.Blogspot.Com) are covered by the terms of the site that is linking to that page. It should be considered as an extension of that linking site.

(x) The site, is not owned by me. It was registered violating my sites trademark. The only sites I own are linked to directly from this site. So do bookmark.

(xi) Support the artists whenever you can. Try to find and purchase legal copies of the songs you play if you do not own these already. I do.

(xii) You should not frame these pages and display them on or through your site using embed / iframes / RSS or other syndication beyond that released via the original RSS / etc. For RSS syndication, the clear anchored link to the page syndicate can not be removed / hidden.

(xiii) IndianGuitarChords (™ ©) (or its grammatical variants, translated variants, punctuated variants, spelling errors, etc. resembling the original name)  may not be used for any purpose without explicit consent from the owner the site (Trade mark / Service mark).

(xiv) Important Announcement w.r.t. Copyrights Problems that arose due to an English song posted on a long deleted sister blog of this network (clause valid throughout this network):

I have read up a bit about the legality of free guitar online tablature / chords / lyrics. The guidelines of the MPA, USA that cover songs created in the USA. Please note that these are not Indian laws to the best of my knowledge (for the next section).

The following are expressly prohibited:
  • Copying to avoid purchase (nothing there to buy)
  • Copying music for any kind of performance (its not)
  • Copying without including copyright notice (this whole site is one big notice)
  • Copying to create anthologies or compilations (these are not)
  • Reproducing material designed to be consumable such as workbooks, standardized tests and answer sheets (these are not for sale / these are not "standard")
  • Charging students beyond the actual cost involved in making copies as permitted (free service / creation and maintenance cost paid by advertising)

According to Indian Law, use of a work without permission of the owner of the copyright is permissible in conditions such as:
  • for the purpose of research or private study,(it is)
  • for criticism or review, (it is both)
  • performance by an amateur club or society if the performance is given to a non-paying audience, etc. (it could be, though never encouraged, plus, its free to use : NON PAYING AUDIENCE)
  • Copyright does not ordinarily protect titles by themselves or names, short word combinations, slogans, short phrases, methods, plots or factual information.

As I could not find any such law curbing music teachers teaching "copyrighted songs" to students in India, I shall continue with the other Indian music tablature / chord sites, that are covered by Indian laws. If, and when such a law or ruling is enacted these two sites (DesiChords and BanglaChords) will be shut down. If there were options other than these and similar sites, where we could have learned to play our favorite songs, I would never have had to start these sites to begin with. I do not mind buying the song books like I buy any CD; I support the "Kill Piracy" initiative; I know how big a problem piracy is - just let me know where we can find these songbooks. Moreover, songs that are less than 6 months old from the date of release will not posted. I tend not to post songs before they turn at least a year or two year old. This is to give the copyrights holder ample time to release original notations if they so desire. If there are original notations available. If there are original notations available, that song will not be posted till the song comes into public domain. This is, in no way, a legally defined time limit. I just use this as a rule of thumb because artists, that do release songbooks, like Norah Jones, do so along with, or shortly after they release the music.

I do not ever want to host material that competes with sales of any artist and will remove any song on request from a copyrights holder at the earliest.

In the last three or so years that I have been learning, I have never found a single shop in my city selling authorized tablature; its simply not a product. Now, that leaves us with two options - either play them anyway from tabs off the net and be called a pirate or give up playing newer songs and focus on the works of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mriza Ghalib or Rabindranath Tagore, or someone else, whose copyright tenure has expired.This is not a practical solution as the whole point of learning the instrument is that we want to learn to play our favorite songs on them.

Till such a time that we do not get to buy the proper tabs - due to the lack of the product itself - or till copyright holders do not object, happy learning - rather, learn while you still can. Even though I am no legal expert, I do not feel that I am doing anything wrong in sharing, analyzing, figuring out and discussing guitar tabs and chords with people who share my interests. And I feel the same from what I have understood from the reading of the Indian laws available at the site hyper-linked above. However, you are requested to understand the implications of, and complications that may arise from you learning these song from these files. So decide what you want to do for yourself or consult an expert.

I am just an amateur hobbyist. I do not wish to go into any legal wranglings for something as inconsequential and insignificant as a hobby. As I realized that most of the English songs on the aforementioned sister blog were covered by the DMCA, the entire 100+ page English song blog was voluntarily deleted. I continue my practice of blogging Indian song chords lyrics and tabulatures, hoping for the best and requesting the music creators to offer us a respectable solution.

On, a final note - the advertising on the site is there merely to offset, at least some of the cost incurred in the process of writing this blog and a percentage of the cost of my equipment. The ads were, are and never will be primary. I do not wish to continue to this blog indefinitely either. Once, in the next few years, that I have cracked the PG entrance, I shall neither have the time, nor the energy to continue this. The ads will be taken off then and the sites left to age and whither, and will serve the new learners for whom it was created to begin with. As I have already mentioned -

While I was beginning to learn, I found it difficult to pool what ever existed of the tabs, chords and strum from various places on the net for each and every song consuming a lot of my already stretched and sparse practice time. The product of my frustration is what is today, since October 2008, this guitar network. I had learned a little HTML when I was in school and I was also excited in blogging and creating a website. There were many great sites, but I thought that the approach that I had would be helpful too.

In these 3-4 years other bloggers will come into the scene and the ones that have already entered now will mature and take my (and others') place and guide the next generation of budding guitarists. And the cost of maintenance will be recovered, in part, in this time.

There are advertisement enabled sites on the net that have been providing similar song content as well as lyrics and chords for 10-12 years now, without a hitch. I am not to be blamed if I assume that those sites are working either within the limits of Indian copyrights laws, or other laws that allow them to function without any problem for so long.

Bottom line of this whole document is that: 
  • No malintent played part in the creation and running of these blogs. It is just my way of giving back to the net community that has taught and continues to teach me how to play songs on the guitar.
  • These blogs, in no way, compete with the sale of products of the copyrights holder. I make it a point not to publish newer songs the moment they are out so that there is sufficient time (months to years from the date of publication of the songs, in general) for the rights holders to make the notations available for sale. Beyond that I post certain songs chosen on the basis of their merit.
  • I do not post or embed any copyrighted sound recordings, nor do I link to any, nor do I ever intend to. The "videos" link merely takes people to  YouTube search page for that song, that may contain the original song (as is legally uploaded by certain rights holders) or video tutorials or cover versions - none of these do I ever upload myself. I do not control what is on that YouTube page.
  • I only wish to build and maintain a digital public library of certain song notations that are not available for legal purchase (I have tried to buy them - unsuccessfully), for the purpose of private study and / or research. Some songbooks are indeed available for sale, but when I checked their disclaimers, I found out that these were not "licensed originals." Indeed, many of these were just scarped content made into an ebook for sale.
  • I have always given credit where it is due and whenever I post a song, I make it a point to identify the sources first, to the best of my abilities.
  • I never sell these notations, nor do I charge anyone to grant access to these. The sites are free to use for anyone and shall remain so for their life.
  • If rights holder wishes to have their songs removed and contacts me to that effect, I shall remove the same promptly (even though it may be fair-use to post it).
  • I make sure that there is a link to this notice document from every page (in the standard location) that hosts fair-use content.


Page last updated on: 7th July 2013 (cause: elaborations, typos.)

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IndianGuitarChords Copyrights Notice

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