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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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  • This TOS ("Terms of Service / Privacy policy") serves more than one site. It also covers this site. If you have been referred to this page from any of my sites (as identifiable form the sender site), then this page covers the TOS for that site as well.
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  • The site owner does not have the permission or capacity to change these as the blogs are hosted on, a Google subsidiary, that does not allow such micromanagement at present.
  • These blog sites do not require any of your personal information and hence does not wish to store any unless you go out of your way to willingly provide them through comments or emails. The information collected here is not used for advertisement by the owner of these sites directly, albeit not used for anything that may be considered intrusive. The only time that the site owner may send emails (from sarindam7 [at] only) to any user, is while replying to their queries or comments.
  • By using these services you agree that you have read and understood these clauses and the policies of Google AdSense and those concerning intellectual property rights over this material. The owner shall not be responsible for and problems faced by the user in these aspects.
  • This is a free to use service and you are never required to make any payments for the same on any site. Its all a hobby and I do not need anything in return.
  • These terms may change without notice and it is the responsibility of the user to keep updated.
  • All materials here on these sites of this network are strictly for educational purposes only and the user is requested to abide by that concept when using any material form them.
  • Please respect other people's copyrights. If you like the songs buy the tracks - I do (100s of CDs in my personal collection collected over the past decade). Nothing on this site should me misconstrued into thinking that the site supports illegal music downloads - it does not. If you like a song enough to play it, you must like it enough to buy it (that's my reasoning).
  • These site runs ads. Inconvenience, owing to these, is regretted - but they are a necessity to keep the site up and running, and free to use. Nothing is really for free on this world though there are no hidden or other costs to the users of this site.
  • User Contributions: Any one may contribute a song that abides by the terms stated here. Upon submission, the submitter is entitled to his or her name or alias being added to the main page of the post for full credits for supplying the song. Once submitted a song can not be requested to be removed by any request by the submitter. The material will, hence, become a property under the same rights as the rest of the material hosted on these sites.
  • THE SITE MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES REGARDING THE 100% ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY CONTENT HOSTED ON THESE SITES though efforts have been made to post discussions that are "as correct as possible." Inadvertent errors may also have crept in at various places. The site is not responsible for any such lapses. Verification has to be accomplished by the efforts of the user himself / herself.
  • Music is far more complex and deep than what is depicted on these blogs and this blog IS NO SUBSTITUTE TO INSTITUTION BASED MUSIC LEARNING, though it can be a valuable resource for the average amateur hobbyist, for whom this site is intended. 
  • Hyper-linking Policy:  I do not accept hyperlink requests / reciprocal link requests / 3-way link swap requests, etc. If you feel your site adds to / complements any of mine, contact me and I'll try to link out to you only if it is a quality site. Link position / depth / site / duration / etc will be upto me. You are not required to link back in that case. If you want to link to any of my sites or specific HTML pages thereof, you are free to do so any way you wish and you need no permission for it - just make sure its not defamatory / from illegal sites.
  • Comments / Content Contribution / Requests Policy: Active comment moderation is on to help fight spam. The comment you post will not show up for upto several hours. They will be published as soon as I get to screen them for spam. Please leave a message in the box below and I will try and make it a point to reply ASAP. Do Not post any email addresses / unrelated web urls. These messages will be rejected. Related urls are fine. For song requests, please send me an email at sarindam7 [at] instead. If you send me a piece and it gets posted, it can no longer be removed upon request from you. Please note, that opinions expressed by those posting comments are their own. They do not reflect the opinions of the owner of these blogs in any way.

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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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