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I host many songs that are available on other sites. So, am I being hypocritical when I tell you not to? If you like the content that much, work on it for the 2+ hours (per song) correcting the lyrics (to the best of my ability), formatting, adding explanations, tabbing, figuring out the chords and finally publishing it, like I do. I put up these songs having the end user - the learner, in mind and not my AdSense earnings. You don't need "my" "permission" to post your "version" / "correction" / "impression" / "take" on that song. Just don't copy-paste - it serves no one. The stuff belongs to the musician at the end of the day, but the poster / blogger posting it in their blog has intended for that to be viewed on his / her page simply because they've worked hard on it and spent quite some time fixing up the text and formatting. They may have figured out the stuff themselves and would not like for someone else to take all the credit somewhere else. Copy pasting does just that sort of a thing. More over, copy paste just creates duplicate content. The stuff is just a click away, any way. Hope that clears up why one shouldn't copy paste.

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This passage is in response to several instances of entire posts being copied away by MFA sites.

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Comments: 1 comment(s)...have your say!

Amalendu Ghoshsaid...

IF you please arrange your songs also in Indian notations , is very helpful.

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