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About the Sites, the Network and the Author

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About This Site (IGCN):
Google AdSense policy doesn't allow one to create a "non-content based page" with ads on it and Blogger does not yet allow special pages where ads can be turned off, leaving them on on other pages. The number of links in the index of pages, which were then located on the sidebars, was growing too unwieldy. Moreover, the sections moved away here were cluttering the original pages. As a result, I had to create another site to host the about, search results and notice pages for all the other sites and that is again why the indexes are not on their respective sites where it could have been a lot more helpful.

About The Network:
1. All my pages aren't indexed yet so look for your topic in the song / chapter / post (index) list.
2. You need a CSS enabled browser with Flash and JavaScript enabled (optionally) to view this site as designed, in case you can't. PDF files require Flash to view...
3. Files from these sites must never be embedded anywhere without prior intimation and permission, but can be printed out without that...Inconvenience is sincerely regretted....
4. It is advisable for a beginner to read the BasicMusicTheory blog as a book - chapter wise.
5. All the songs hosted are on the index pages of the other three sites, though they may not be listed on searching.
6. Each song is covered in four sections: Chords, Strum/Tips/Lyrics, Lead guitar tabs and PDF download.

About The Network Architecture:
The whole IGCN network acts as one single website. The umbrella site is this one, i.e. The Hindi songs section is, the Bengali song section is and the music theory section is Although each has its own home page, they are all designed to be a part of the IGCN network.

The sites are thoroughly interlinked and deeply interdependent. The segregation helps me style each section accordingly and allows users to subscribe to the section(s) they like as well.

About The Author:
Dr. Arindam SarkarMy name is Arindam Sarkar - Full time student. Part time guitar blogger.

I am medical internist with an interest in the guitar. While I was beginning to learn, I found it difficult to pool what ever existed of the tabs, chords and strum from various places on the net for each and every song consuming a lot of my already stretched and sparse practice time. Then again, many of the notes I found didn't match the track, so I couldn't test it out. Moreover, it lacked basic things like strum patterns. The product of my frustration is what is today, since October 2008, this guitar network. I had learned a little HTML when I was in school and I was also excited in blogging and creating a website. There were many great sites, but I thought that the approach that I had would be helpful too. I have been playing for the past few years now and it still amazing how complex this subject is. These sites are a sort of digital music book for me, as well as my digital back up (for the notes). Hope to keep up this work, and help people on the way. Thank you all for your enormous appreciation. The site is still very much a work in refinement as far as the layout and presentation is concerned, as well as a "perpetual work in progress," with respect to the content. Your feedback is very welcome.

Standard Disclosure and Acknowledgement:
My Credentials:These sites are just a hobby for me. They combine my interests in the internet, coding and music. I post what I learn and I learn what I post. I am not a guitar / music expert. I have been learning this instrument since February 2007. The "Dr." is medical and I'm not a PhD in Musicology or related fields. I have had no government certifiable training in music. I am, as I said, just an amateur hobbyist. I share the knowledge that I acquire with experience and interacting with other musicians informally. Music is far more complex and deep than what is depicted in these blogs.

Much of the information that is available on these sites, is available elsewhere online as well. However, a few posts in music theory were written out by "reading between the lines" of available resources, trying to convey explicitly, what they left implicit. Of-course, logic and high-school physics have always been there with me to clarify any doubts that arose. More under General Important Information...
Unorthodox Orientation of Tab Lines:Tabs commonly go from 1st string (e) above to 6th string (E) below. This site uses the reverse orientation, which is against the norm. The reason is merely an idiosyncrasy on the part of some people like myself. I keep posting in this manner to maintain uniformity with my previous posts.
Requests A Song or a Clarification on the IGCN:Read details here. N.B.: Songs that are less than 1 year old would not be posted in order to discourage spoon-feeding, as a matter of personal policy. I post Hindi and Bengali songs only since those are the only two Indian languages that I know how to speak. I do not post English songs because there are a large number of great websites for them floating around already.
Comment Moderation Policy:Comment moderation is on to help fight spam. The comment you just posted will not show up for upto several hours.They will be published as soon as I get to screen them for spam. Please leave a message in the box below and I will try to reply ASAP. Do Not post email addresses, html links and unrelated web urls. These messages will certainly be rejected (I am very serious about this). For song chords/tabs/scale/strum/etc, theory requests or general queries, please use the IGCN Facebook Page instead of posting in the comments. Inconvenience is sincerely regretted.
Link policy:Link exchange is neither solicited not requested. There is no 'links' page on these blogs. But if you feel that any of these sites is worth linking to, by all means, do so, if you feel like it. But reciprocation is not guaranteed. On the other hand, if i feel that a site is worth linking to (complementary to my own / provides benefit to the readers), I would do so of my own accord and from a site level I feel comfortable with. No reciprocation is required or solicited, but is welcome never the less.
Advertisements / Earnings:As you may be aware of, these sites run ads. Revenue generated annually by these offsets some of the expenses incurred in running these blogs (besides web-hosting - there are no web hosting charges thanks to Blogger's free service). I do not control particular ads that run until I see them. Hence their display should not be taken as an endorsement of the product by me. Distasteful / misleading ads, if they at all manage to pop up (very rare - only one instance that I have knowledge of so far), are blocked as soon as possible.
Credits:Hosting : Free blog, hosted on Blogger/Blogspot. Get yours today at

Original Template Credits : Minima, by Douglas Bowman (, 26 Feb 2004; updated by: Blogger Team

Customization By : Arindam Sarkar (yours truly)
Technical:The sites have been formatted to be as compliant with CSS3 and HTML 5 as possible, though some unrectifiable errors remain due to various reasons. The sites are thus best viewed on any CSS3 supported browser. Google Chrome 12+ works the best. Firefox 4+, Opera 10+ work well. Page are still viewable using other browsers, though all the CSS3 styles may not show up. This is especially true for Internet Explorer (more so below IE9), where some parts may appear odd.
Where are the PDFs?Inconvenience is sincerely regretted. The original PDFs were uploaded on Scribd and then embedded in the pages (on chordpdf.blogsopt,com which is currently offline) that were linked to from the {PDF} links - these are the non-functional {PDF} links from some older posts which ask you to sign in and ask permission to view. Some of the PDFs had one problem or another including typos, wrong lyrics, missing # or b signs, wrong key issues, missing chords, etc. - pretty common unintentional errors but pretty bad for notation). I have no idea how to edit a PDF, though my MsOffice can make them. So I couldn't correct the errors in them and didn't want to go through the whole time-consuming process of making them from scratch all over again. All of the songs currently on these sites have been checked at least once, (to the best of my efforts) and you can see "ticks" next to the songs listed on the index pages that have been revised. I have been, over the last year, going through the second round of revisions (work in progress). Plus the earlier files didn't have strum patterns, tabs, explanations, etc. The content has expanded from 1 page to 4 pages per song now over the years. On top of that, last year, Scribd started charging people money to download the files. Even if those files were still online, they wouldn't have let you download anything unless you paid them. I wanted no part of it and deleted all (the remaining) of my files from there last year itself, soon after this change. The now-empty shell pages (hosted on the site - and their hosting site itself were not deleted, but simply taken offline for personal reasons. The original files themselves were never archived and have been completely deleted. I didn't keep copies when I made them as I didn't need to. The sites themselves still contain all the data (and more), just not the PDFs.
Contact:Arindam Sarkar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
E-mail : sarindam7 {at} [Kindly replace {at} with @ and remove spaces - presented so to avoid spam-bots]
Information last updated on:4th December 2014

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About the Sites, the Network and the Author

Comments: 12 comment(s)...have your say!


You are doing a great work for a hobbiyist ...excellent, thanks and keep it up

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Thank you... :-)

Reji Designersaid...

I was searching for a beginners tabs and reached here. Lot of information for starters like me. I will recommend may of my friends to this site. Keep posting...

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Thanks a lot. Glad I could help. ;)


i started learning guitar a few months back. i found it very interesting and challenging experience at the same time, i still do :). your blog have helped me immensely and i hope that it will keep doing so. a BIG thanks to you for the great work.

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Thanks Vivek. Glad it was helpful.

Vintage Rocksaid...

Dude, no one can obstruct me to say that
"You made this site very very beautiful"...
Please let me know, from where you got this template.
Please visit my blog and suggest me about my blog.
Vintage Rock!

Arindam Sarkarsaid...


Thanks a lot. My template is a minima template that I tweaked (perpetual work in progress, actually) the heck out of over the last 2 years. Its all net researched basic stuff. You can go through my page source and checkout the CSS if that helps. Its a lot of hand coded HTML and CSS.

Thanks again!


I would like to request u to post the chords for the bengali song "chaya bhitu chaya " from the film Aparajita tumi....

Thanks in advance :)


Beautiful blog you have here..but why dont you have a youtube channel? You could post videos and tutorials :)

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Thank you Vani. :) YouTube is too much work for me. I feel it's better to post 2-3 songs on this blog as opposed to one video. Hence no plans for YouTube. :)


Hi ,
This is Arindam Dasgupta. I am new to this website and found it exciting. There are lot of resources. I also wish to contribute something in future. Bye for today, :-)

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^


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