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List of Guitar Music Theory Topics on Basic Music Theory

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Basic Music Theory E-Book Chapter List:
  1. Introduction:
  2. Chapter - 1:
  3. Chapter - 2:
  4. Chapter - 3A:
  5. Chapter - 3B:
  6. Chapter - 3C:
  7. Chapter - 4:
  8. Chapter - 5A:
  9. Chapter - 5B:
  10. Chapter - 6:
  11. Chapter - 7:
  12. Chapter – 8:
  13. Chapter - 9:
  14. Chapter - 10:
  15. Guide / Advice on Buying and Maintaining A Guitar
  16. 27 Mistakes Any Guitarists Should Avoid (and how to)

Regular Posts: (supplementary to the book)
  1. How to play a guitar?
  2. Checklist: Beginner Level Guitar Techniques to Learn
  3. Guitar lessons - Do you really need it?
  4. Guitar lessons - Must know basics
  5. Ear training for basic level musicians
  6. Danger : Strings - Maintenance Required!
  7. Round hole and f-hole guitars : Whats the difference?
  8. Frets and the Fret board : Lifespan of a guitar
  9. 12 (twelve) string guitars : The most difficult of the lot?
  10. Guitar keeps losing tune or is out of tune?
  11. How to Tune a Guitar scientifically / methodically
  12. Eliminating Beats in tuning
  13. How not to lose a guitars tuning?
  14. Standard tuning : What is it?
  15. What is it 12-TET?
  16. What is microtonal music?
  17. What is just intonation?
  18. How to tune two guitars while playing together?
  19. How to change a guitar string?
  20. What are intervals?
  21. What are Tones and Semitones?
  22. What are Notes?
  23. B to C and E to F semitones - Why the difference?
  24. B# Cb E# Fb - Missing sharps and flats of the chromatic scale
  25. Hammer On ("h") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  26. Pull Off ("p") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  27. Bends ("b") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  28. Slide ("s or / or \") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  29. Vibrato ("vor ~") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  30. String Muting or Palm Muting ("x") - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained
  31. Guitar Action and Bridge Position Adjustment Guide
  32. How to read guitar chords online?
  33. How to read strumming patterns online?
  34. Arch-top guitar vs Flattop guitar
  35. Non Standard Tunings
  36. A446 tuning
  37. Turn Keys a.k.a Machine head, Gear head, Tuning machine
  38. Checking the Fretboard, Frets, Inlays
  39. Reasons why guitar strings are so troublesome
  40. Fretboard, Frets spacing, Scale length of a Guitar
  41. Light gauge or Heavy gauge Guitar Strings?
  42. Bass, Base, Bass-lines, Bassist, Infra-sound - All about Bass
  43. Treble, Treble Clef, Lead, Soprano - All about Treble
  44. Scientific Notation of Pitch in Music - C0, C4, A0, A440
  45. Transposition of key / scale of a piece
  46. Chromatic Scales
  47. Why are some notes chosen in a scale?
  48. Breaking down the Root Note: page 1, 2, 3
  49. Root Notes of Chords and Scales
  50. Root Note -common misconceptions
  51. Root Notes of all guitar chords
  52. The P/Q type (C/A, D/F#) and of altered guitar chords
  53. Numerical notations(xx2220 type) of altered guitar chords
  54. Positions of Guitar Chords : Nut, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, etc
  55. Pythagorean Comma or Diatonic Comma
  56. Grand Staves in Music Notation (Grand Staff of Eleven Lines)
  57. Middle C, G above middle C, F below middle C
  58. Plectrums, Picks: thick, thin, small, large - choose yours
  59. Timbre, Tone quality, Tone color - Timbre note or Instrument
  60. How to tune a 12-String Guitar
  61. The Bass Guitar - construction, tuning
  62. Diatonic Heptatonic (Major and Minor) Scales
  63. The Mohammedan scale
  64. Minor Scales , More on Minor Scales in Music Theory
  65. Major Scales, More on Major Scales in Music Theory
  66. Relative Key: Relative Major or Minor, in the Same Key
  67. Parallel Keys : Parallel Major and Minor scales
  68. Pentatonic Scales: Hemitonic, Anhemitonic, Major, Minor, Suspended
  69. Augmented and Diminished Scales
  70. Scale Degree - tonic, supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant and leading note
  71. Scale Degree - I, II, III, a Scale
  72. Musical Modes - w.r.t. Scales - : Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locarian
  73. Chord Scales / The Scale of a Chord
  74. C major chord derivation - Constructing form C chromatic and major scales
  75. Why does C major have the notes C, E and G?
  76. A and C minor chord derivations - Constructing form A minor and C major scales
  77. Why does A minor have the notes A, C and E?
  78. Scale of C Major Chord : Chord Scales - How to find Scales of Chords 
  79. Chord Scales : Scales of Guitar Chords
  80. Inversions of Chords in Music : Root, 1st, 2nd
  81. Inversions Shapes of Guitar Chords : Root position, 1st and 2nd inversion of C major
  82. How to play pure chords and inversions on a guitar?
  83. Inversions of Musical Intervals
  84. Chords of the Major Scales - Chords Constructed and Played on Major Scales (C major, C sus2, C add2, C sus4, C(add)5, C6, (C7), CM7, C add9, C add 9/6, C11, C13, etc)
  85. Chords of the Major Scales - Dominant 7th Chord / The "7th" chord
  86. Roman Numeral notation / analysis of chord progressions (part I)
  87. Roman Numeral notation / analysis of chord progressions (part II)
  88. Chord Progressions
  89. Common chord progressions 
  90. 50's and similar chord progressions
  91. Chord progressions with the 7th Chord
  92. Circle progressions
  93. Bar Blues progressions
  94. Other progressions
  95. Movable Bridge positioning on the guitar
  96. Middle C on Guitar - F above and G above middle C on a Guitar
  97. CAGED System of Chords - Basics
  98. CAGED System - Fretboard layout of C notes
  99. CAGED System - Bar Chords
  100. CAGED System - the 5 basic movable major chord shapes
  101. Shapes of individual CAGED major chords (CAGED system)
  102. Shapes of C major chord (CAGED system)
  103. Shapes of A major chord (CAGED system)
  104. Shapes of G major chord (CAGED system)
  105. Shapes of E major chord (CAGED system)
  106. Shapes of D major chord (CAGED system)
  107. Non-CAGED chords : F major, B major, C#, Bb, G#, Eb, D#, etc major chords
  108. Fundamental principle of the CAGED system and movable chord shapes
  109. Minor chord shapes on guitar (CAGED minor chords) 
  110. Vertical Relationship Between Chord Shapes
  111. Guitar note map and Guitar chords shapes 
  112. Extended Guitar Chords (CAGED system)
  113. Tertian, Secundal, Quartal, Added and Extended Chords 
  114. Tertian, and Non-Tertian Chords
  115. Power Chords: A clarification and distinction from other "5th" Chords - Added 5th Chords, #5, augmented 5th, b5, diminished 5th
  116. How to Tab a Song by Ear (Hearing)
  117. How to Find Chords for a Song by Ear (Hearing)
  118. Strum Patterns : Finding Strum Patterns
  119. 27 Mistakes Any Guitarists Should Avoid (and how)
  120. Beats in music : Off-beat and On-beat
  121. Anchoring Finger, Guide Finger and Pivot Finger
  122. Top 7 Free Guitar Apps for Android that are Actually Useful

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Ive just started learning the guitar, and this site is really helpful :) I just wanted to know, can the above e-book be downloaded?

Dr. Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Thankyou Saurya! The ebook was available in pdf format before. Due to continuous revisions and elaborations they became outdated. So, I have removed the PDFs. You can now download and print these pages. This allows for corrections and updates on old posts. So, when you come back to read it again, you read the correction. This works well with the 'referential' nature of the whole blog. That's not possible with PDFs that you may download and keep reading. I can't update the pdf you have.

So I realized that its better to have easily editable pages than difficult to edit PDFs. As I said, you can still print and read for free. The post index is above.


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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^


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