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BanglaChords Copyrights Notice

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Copyrights, Credits and Sources:
(i) All of these chords have been derived from various sources, either on the internet or collected from personal sources. These are not official tabs / chords / etc., from the artist(s) or copyright holder(s) of the song.

(ii) Neither do I claim any authorship over these "chords and lyrics," nor do I lay any claim to their copyrights that are held by the respective artists. This, and other associated sites, merely critique the collected material for better readability and understanding, and suggest ways of playing them on guitars.

Fair Use Rationale: "The previous work needs to be restated in order to lay the groundwork for the contribution in the second work."

(iii) I do, however, restrict any file created by me from being used in any other site without permission, exerting full copy rights on the DTP work. I also claim full authorship and exclusive copyrights over the explanation pages (DO NOT COPY).

(iv) These files are meant strictly for personal educational use. Please remember, that these chords are strictly for private study and not for performance or sale.

(v) These are merely peoples guesses about what these chords might be and not plagiarized pieces of music.

(vi) The borrowed / embedded text, pictures, videos and links are also covered according to the policies of their respective hosting sites.

(vii) If the original copyright holder(s) has(have) any objections to any content being on this site, that they believe should not be here, the same is requested to send an email to sarindam7 [at] with the details of the offending material for prompt removal. This will be done irrespective of the "fair use" principle.

(viii) BanglaChords (™ ©) (or its grammatical variants, translated variants, punctuated variants, spelling errors, etc resembling the original name, like BengaliChords, BanglaChord, Bangla-Chords, iBanglaChord, BangaliChords, etc)  may not be used for any purpose without explicit consent from the owner the site (Trade mark / Service mark).

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BanglaChords Copyrights Notice

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